PAC polyanionic cellulose is an efficient fluid loss reducer can also be used in a drilling mud. To accomplish the operations largely depends on this sort of product. Some common fluid loss reducers include, as an example, starches, PAC polyanionic cellulose and/or CMC a number of these chemicals can also have a viscosifying function. The loss reducers might provide steric stabilization for the non-ionic Surfactants. A drilling fluid or additive having many parts like this material. a good selection pf product add in compositions  for get best result however the it has effective material for using.

PAC Polyanionic Cellulose


PAC polyanionic cellulose usages drilling fluids or muds, are advanced mixtures of chemicals needed to cool down and lubricate the mud bit, suspend formation cuttings, carry them to the surface, and management formation pressure throughout the of oil wells. For all of this PAC polyanionic cellulose having a crucial mission for lubricating, suspending clays from cutting and adjusting formation press in pipe. PAC Polyanionic cellulose typically additional to modify the compositions to fulfill the wants for specific operations. It is viscosifier for mud and weight agent for result. It additionally prevents fluid loss and alter ph degree.
It as a chemical compound most well-liked to use in lubricant additionally includes a filtrate reduce. Some most popular filtrate reducers embrace an occasional viscosity PAC polyanionic cellulose chemical compound. The filtrate reducer can offer reduced mud filtrate loss by forming a part of the filter cake. The filtrate reducers listed higher than also will help to coat and lubricate shale formations and shale cuttings.

The operate of the loss management agents is to delay, stop or a minimum of limit as way as potential liquid waste that will be sustained by the muds throughout the drilling operation. This can be thus limiting the extent of fluid management agent that may be used. an additive that may solely management the properties would enable a lot of flexibility in term of level usage. this can become very important once severe drilling conditions need an ultra-low permeability barrier between the well bore and also the formation.

PAC Polyanionic Cellulose

PAC Polyanionic cellulose Benefits

Adding PAC  can prevent any dangerous situation (being blocked or collapsing) in production process by making this fluid stiffer. Because of its low water loss properties  PAC work-over fluid can reduce water that goes into productive zone, and the water that enters into productive
The benefits of PAC polyanionic cellulose work-over  provides more than any other same products do: Avoid any damage from productive zone during process, clean drill hole and reduce maintenance to drill hole; Block filtration of water and mud and cause less bubbling; Store or can be used from one well to another, with lower cost than that of any other same products.

PAC Polyanionic Cellulose

PAC Polyanionic cellulose Product Information

PAC Polyanionic Cellulose Specification

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