Fully refined paraffin wax

Paraffin Wax is a solid substance derived from either one of Petroleum, Coal, or Shale. It constitutes of a mixture of Hydrocarbon molecules with anywhere between twenty and forty Carbon atoms. In fully refined paraffin wax all odor molecules must be extracted commonly done by water system and can be used for human basis products ,  oil content can be <1% or more but mostly it is famous to have 0.5% oil content, made free of impurities and decolouration by hydro-treating or clay-treating them color is transparent, It has a clearly defined crystal structure ,fully refined paraffin wax is very hard not easy to break.

Different applications of fully refined paraffin wax

Major industries that use Fully Refined Paraffin Wax are the Cosmetics, Medical, and Food Industries. Rarely Candle Making Industry also uses Fully Refined Paraffin Wax. Common items are Lipsticks, Cream, Oily Papers, and Chocolate. Candles made using Fully Refined Paraffin Wax are of the best grade and are the most expensive. It is also used for Lubrication applications and for Electrical Insulation. Plastic Bottle Cap Liners are made using Paraffin Wax. These liners form watertight seals to prevent water from leaking out when the bottle is overturned. Chewing Gum bases contain Paraffin Wax because it helps to bind the ingredients in chewing gum. Paraffin Wax is also used in pigment binders for manufacture of Crayons by serving as a medium to transfer the pigment in crayon to the desired substrate.

In other fields of industry like candle making is also possible to used fully refined paraffin wax and the quality will be great but it effect the price since fully refined paraffin wax is the most expensive grade.

Normal packing for fully refined paraffin wax 

Fully refined paraffin wax is produced in 5 kg slabs which can be packed in carton or gunny.

Sometimes all 5 slabs can be in one 25 kg block according to customer s request .

Inside of carton or gunny there should be thick plastic to avoid any dirt coming inside of the paraffin wax.


Analysis of basekim fully refined paraffin wax

Product name

Oil content

Melting  Point

Congealing  Point



Penetration @ 100 ˚C

Viscosity @ 100 ˚C

BKFL 0.5


56-61  ˚C

55-60  ˚C

Crystal snow White



4 – 7 cst



56-60  ˚C

55-59  ˚C

snow White



4 – 7 cst



56-58  ˚C

54-57  ˚C




4 – 7 cst



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