General description of residue wax (foots oil)

Remained product of slack wax after pressing and de coloring, residue wax (foots oil) is mix of oil and wax.

Residue wax, formally known as foots oil is a commodity derived from the production of paraffin wax.

Foots oil applications

Brown color, high oiled wax named residue wax (foots oil) used for matches making, lubricants, explosive, fire work.

Foots oil can be used as  fuel brick component, raw material for production of grease lubricants, conservation oils , lubricants, tire, matches factories, rubber and shoe soil industries.

Residue wax (foots oil) is also used for rubber industries-tire industry-shoe industry-plastic industries-polish-match box-grease

Packing of foots oil 

Residue wax (foots oil) packing is normally in steel drums and most of the time used one to avoid any leakage duruing transportation bags are not used as packing.

Analysis of residue wax 


Oil content

40-50 %

Wax content

Yellow to  brown




Flash point


Drop melting point



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